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If I Hire You as My Lawyer, What Are Your Goals for Me?

Our first goal is to address the injuries you have suffered in the accident by getting you to see a doctor. We can normally get you in to see a doctor the same or next day once meeting with us. All doctors we find for you will wait for payment until your case settles. Next, we strive to…

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Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

You would expect a lawyer to answer this question with “Absolutely!” If you have sustained injuries or are not satisfied with how the insurance company is treating you, you need an attorney to protect your rights. What if you don’t have any issues? Do you still need a lawyer? Only you can answer that question. But…

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My Car Is Not Driveable, What Do I Do?

If your car is repairable but you are unable to drive it, check your automobile policy for rental car coverage. Your insurance company may direct you to a rental car company. We can also find a repair shop that may be able to arrange a rental car for you. When another vehicle hits you and the driver…

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