Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

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You would expect a lawyer to answer this question with “Absolutely!” If you have sustained injuries or are not satisfied with how the insurance company is treating you, you need an attorney to protect your rights.

What if you don’t have any issues? Do you still need a lawyer? Only you can answer that question. But consider this — the insurance company is a business. Their job is to resolve your claim for as few dollars as possible. Doesn’t it make sense to have someone on your side whose job it is to protect your rights and make sure you receive every dollar you deserve?

The insurance company deals with accident victims every day. We deal with insurance companies every day. We know what’s fair and reasonable and what’s not. We’ll make sure you’re treated fairly. We can also assist with the property damage claim, make sure you have access to treatment by a doctor who will wait for payment until the claim is settled, and attempt to recover every dollar to which you are legally entitled.

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