Brad Johnson Injury Law = Lower Attorney Fees

Brad Johnson Injury Law works on a contingent fee, which means we are only paid if we successfully collect on your claim, in other words – no win, no fee. Since our primary focus is getting you the money you deserve, we charge lower attorney fees to handle personal injury cases. The payment for these fees gets taken out of the settlement you receive from the other party’s insurance company. As an extra convenience to you, we even take care of up-front expenses associated with your claim, such as police report fees, postage, and expert witness testimony, so we can start work as soon as you call us.

We do not collect any hourly fees or retainers. Unless we win your case, you are not responsible for any legal fees.


What Does It Cost?

Many law firms in Phoenix charge one-third, or 33.3 percent, of your collected settlement as attorney fees. At Brad Johnson Injury Law, we only take 25 percent, which means you get to keep more of the money you are entitled to.

Depending on the amount of your claim, the difference could be a few hundred to several thousand dollars more in your pocket with our lower rate.

What If We Have to Go to Court?

Because of the additional time a court case requires, if your claim is filed as a lawsuit, our fee would increase to 40 percent.

While most cases are settled out of court, the insurance company may refuse to give a fair settlement or negotiate in good faith in some situations. In those circumstances, we do not hesitate to file a lawsuit and fight for adequate compensation.