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According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 2019, 4,119 people died in collisions involving semi-trucks. While 16 percent of those deaths were the semi-truck drivers, 67 percent were passenger vehicle occupants, and 16 percent were pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists. As you can see, those in smaller vehicles or those on a bicycle, motorcycle, or on foot are incredibly vulnerable in a truck accident. Because of this, the injuries for those hit by a truck are often severe or catastrophic. An 80,000 lb. truck can be a deadly object during a collision.

If the truck happens to be carrying hazardous materials, the likelihood of grave injury is even higher. If you have been injured in a truck accident in Glendale, you need an advocate in your corner immediately. Glendale truck accident lawyer Brad Johnson can help you through this difficult time. At Brad Johnson Injury Law, we have a track record of recovering maximum compensation for victims in trucking accidents. We rely on our experience in this field and our commitment to victim rights when outlining a strategy for recovery.

Why Should You Hire a Phoenix Truck Accident Lawyer?

At Brad Johnson Injury Law, we provide compassion, accountability, and transparency to our clients. We understand that many people feel lawyers are less-than-accommodating. We commit to getting you in front of a lawyer within two hours, whether you come to our office, or we come to you. Many also feel that once they sign on the dotted line, they become virtually invisible to their attorney. Their calls are not returned on time and getting updates on their case can be an exercise in frustration.

At Brad Johnson Injury Law, we make every effort to return all phone calls the same day or the next day at the very latest. Attorney Brad Johnson will take as much time as needed at the beginning of your case to answer all your questions in a clear, comprehensive manner and explain the process for your claim. We will make sure you understand what to expect as we protect your rights and your future. At Brad Johnson Injury Law we:

  • Have more than three decades of personal injury experience
  • Are a local law firm rather than a large, impersonal regional or national firm
  • Offer an individualized approach to each case
  • Have more than 100 positive Google Reviews
  • Are proud of the core values we bring to the table
  • Offer 24/7 availability
  • Provide a 25% fee vs. the typical 33.3% fee
  • Speak English and Spanish both

At Brad Johnson Injury Law, each case is personally handled by attorney Brad Johnson. Remember—We Don’t Get Paid Unless We Win. You do not have to pay money upfront, so there is no risk for you. We want you to focus on healing following your truck accident while we worry about the legal aspects and getting you the settlement you need and deserve.

What are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Each truck accident is unique, therefore, has unique facts and circumstances. Some of the most common causes of truck accidents in Arizona include the following:

  • Distracted driving is an issue for all drivers. We are a nation of multi-taskers, and multi-tasking behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster. Truck drivers often eat entire meals while driving down the roadways. Like the rest of us, they talk on their cell phone, text or read texts, set their GPS, change dash controls, fiddle with the radio, talk to passengers, or simply “zone out” from too many hours on the road.
  • Fatigued driving is a particular issue for truck drivers. Drivers of semi-trucks are allowed to drive for eleven hours at a stretch. If you have ever driven straight for eleven hours, you know just how exhausting it can be. Further, although many companies are going to electronic logbooks that are more difficult to “fudge,” many drivers still exceed the allowable hours since they are only paid while driving.
  • Excessive speed and failing to slow down for road and weather conditions cause many truck accidents. As noted, truck drivers and their companies have a vested interest in getting loads delivered quickly so they can turn around and pick up another load. Truck drivers that are under pressure to get their loads delivered as fast as possible may drive faster than they should or faster than the road conditions warrant.
  • Impaired driving is an issue in truck accidents, just as it is with all vehicle accidents. Truck drivers may be taking prescription medications that can cause side effects like drowsiness or could be taking illegal substances that can lead to slow reactions or reckless driving behaviors.
  • Negligent hiring by the trucking company is responsible for many truck accidents. The trucking company may need drivers so badly that they fail to run proper background checks to determine whether the driver has a safe driving record. The trucking company may also fail to properly train the drivers, putting largely inexperienced drivers on the roads before they are ready.
  • Trucks may be poorly maintained, leading to brake, tire, or other mechanical issues that can cause an accident.

What are Common Injuries Associated with Truck Accidents?

Because of the size disparity between a truck and a passenger vehicle, the injuries to those in the passenger vehicle are often traumatic, even catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries include traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, amputations, and spinal cord injuries that change the victim’s life forever. A traumatic brain injury may not be immediately evident following a truck accident which is why you must undergo a thorough medical evaluation. TBIs can lead to long-term issues, including chronic headaches, cognitive deficits, and personality changes.

Spinal cord injuries can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. TBIs and spinal cord injuries can prevent the truck accident victim from ever returning to work or to their normal day-to-day activities. Less catastrophic but still severe are fractures, amputated limbs, vision loss, burns, facial lacerations, neck and back injuries, strains and bruising, internal and abdominal injuries, and cuts and lacerations. You may have chronic pain from any of these injuries and emotional pain resulting from the trauma of your injuries, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety. 

Who is Liable for a Truck Accident?

All opportunities to recover compensation should be evaluated promptly to determine your next steps. Trucking accidents are especially complex because they usually involve claims against multiple liable parties.  The truck driver may be entirely liable for the accident due to distraction, fatigue, impairment, excessive speed, or reckless driving.

The trucking company could be liable if they failed to perform a comprehensive background check or failed to ensure the driver was properly trained and was not exceeding allowable hours. The manufacturer of the truck or truck part could be liable if a defective part was responsible for the accident.

If the accident was due to poor maintenance, then the maintenance company could be held liable. Finally, the loading company could be liable if poorly loaded cargo was the cause of the accident. Determining liability is complicated, requiring an extremely knowledgeable Glendale, AZ truck accident lawyer like Brad Johnson.   

What Should You Do Immediately Following a Truck Accident in Glendale, AZ?

Even if your injuries are not severe following a truck accident, you are likely emotionally shaken up, making it difficult to know what to do. Yet the steps you take following your truck accident can be crucial in protecting your rights and your ability to recover equitable compensation for your injuries and damages. Your health is paramount, and since the adrenaline rush that floods your body during an accident can mask injuries, make sure you receive medical attention. If you are able:

  • Call 911 or have someone else call.
  • Take photos at the scene if you are physically able, including any skid marks, damage to both vehicles, license plate, and anything else that seems relevant.
  • If there were witnesses, obtain contact information.
  • Exchange information with the other driver.
  • Have yourself, and any passengers medically checked out.
  • Once you are home, write down every detail you can remember regarding the accident.
  • Contact your own insurance company and relay the facts of the accident.
  • Speak to a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer. The sooner you do this, the better. Following a truck accident, the truck driver must report the collision to their employment and must submit to post-accident substance abuse testing. Once the trucking company has been notified, its insurance company will probably immediately send investigators to the accident scene to begin building their defense. You need someone in your corner who will do the same thing on your behalf.

Your attorney will obtain proof the truck driver was employed by the trucking company, draft a demand letter, file your insurance claim, negotiate a settlement on your behalf, or take your case to trial when necessary. Obtaining legal assistance following your Glendale, AZ truck accident could make the difference in whether or not you receive compensation for your injuries and damages.

Filing a Truck Accident Injury Claim in Arizona

The moment that you contact your insurance company to file a report about the accident is the first step in your personal injury claim. A knowledgeable trucking accident lawyer should have years of experience on their side to be able to assist you with this process. Insurance companies and defense lawyers working for the trucking industry will often have a broad range of experience in this arena and will do everything possible to minimize or deny your claim altogether. They may pursue these allegations quickly and seriously, and they may have more resources and familiarity with trucking accident claims.

Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer in Arizona can level the playing field. Brad Johnson will help guide you through the process and prepare you for meeting with various specialists to determine the extent of your injuries. Furthermore, a Glendale truck accident lawyer can help you identify when a settlement offer that the other side has presented is truly fair and incorporates your best needs.

These steps can be overwhelming or frustrating for someone who has sustained critical injuries in an accident. This makes it even more important to retain an attorney you can turn to and trust. Some of the most common causes of trucking crashes throughout Arizona have to do with errors on the part of the driver. If a driver is not paying attention, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or has not had the appropriate training or sleep to be safely behind the wheel and an injury results, you may be eligible to file a legal claim.

When a driver does not follow the road laws or engages in dangerous behavior behind the wheel, and you have sustained a catastrophic injury such as a TBI, broken bones, or whiplash, you need to consult with truck accident attorney Brad Johnson immediately.

What are Typical Damages in a Truck Accident Claim?

You may be entitled to recover past, current, and future medical expenses, current and future lost wages, pain, and suffering, and any other damages associated with the injuries from your truck accident. Your truck accident attorney is a crucial component in your ability to move through settlement negotiations and prepare for trial. While most truck accidents are resolved outside the courtroom, it is important that your attorney knows whether the offer is truly fair and is prepared to go to court when warranted. If you are unable to reach an agreeable settlement, Glendale truck accident lawyer Brad Johnson will fight for you, doing everything possible to recover maximum compensation.

How Glendale, AZ Truck Accident Attorney Brad Johnson Can Help

Brad Johnson Injury Law
Trying to do this on your own can seem overwhelming or impossible but having the right attorney in your corner can make all the difference. Holding the truck driver and their employer accountable for unsafe practices that put everyone on the road at risk and recovering the funds you need to put the pieces of your life back together are two common goals of a trucking accident claim. Do you need help figuring out your next steps? Contact Brad Johnson Injury Law when a trucking accident has turned your world upside down. Our truck accident injury attorneys are experienced with these types of cases and can assist you in getting the help you need. Schedule a consultation today with Brad Johnson, it is 100% free to you.