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There are nearly 4.5 million dog bite victims every year in the United States. Many dog bite injury victims suffer physical injuries, as well as emotional trauma, lower self-esteem from visible scarring, and a lifetime fear of dogs. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may be able to take legal action for damages. Hiring experienced lawyers to represent you is important after a dog bite injury.

Brad Johnson Injury Law has handled many cases for dog bite victims and wants you to know that you will be in good hands when it comes to getting the legal support you need. Our team can help you investigate the case and pursue these injury claims with care.

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Who Is Responsible for the Dog Bite Injury?

In Arizona, most dog bite attacks are strict liability cases. Pursuant to state law, if a dog bites, the owner is responsible, regardless of proving negligence. 

Many dogs can cause serious injuries, particularly for children or the elderly, in the event of a sudden attack. Many people may rewind the moments of a dog bite attack in their head over and over again, after sustaining an injury.

According to research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, every 40 seconds across the United States, someone seeks medical attention for an injury related to a dog bite. This makes it even more important to retain a Phoenix, Arizona dog bite injury attorney as soon as possible after you have sustained an injury.

What You Need to Know About Dog Bites

Some of the most common dog bite injuries include scars, emotional distress and infections associated with a dog bite injury that wasn’t treated quickly enough. Even a minor attack from a vicious dog could lead to bruises, cuts, infections, and deep tooth punctures. The lawyers at Brad Johnson Injury Law help you when you find yourself in this situation.

These injuries can cost victims significantly in terms of thousands of dollars’ worth of medical bills. In Arizona, the laws pertaining to injuries caused by dogs stipulate that the owner of the dog could be held legally responsible for paying the victim’s damages in the event of a dog bite.

Dog bite victims can be compensated for their injuries by the responsible party’s home owner’s insurance policies, but it is important to realize that the deadlines associated with filing an injury claim for a dog bite are much shorter than other types of injury claims.

A knowledgeable Phoenix, Arizona dog bite attorney can help you navigate the legal process and file a claim in a timely fashion. As a dog bite injury victim, you already have enough to worry about and the management of your legal case should not be one more thing added to your plate. Consulting with an injury attorney in Phoenix who has extensive experience working with dog bite victims, gives you the peace of mind that someone is advocating for your best interests and fighting on your behalf.

Did you know that 1 out of every 5 victims will need medical attention for the injuries?

You could be entitled to recover compensation for your losses, if you or someone you know suffering a bite by a dog due to the owner’s negligence.


Steps to Take After a Serious Dog Bite Injury in Arizona

It can be overwhelming for any victim of a dog bite injury to figure out what to do next. However, there are several important steps that can help to minimize your injuries as well as protect your rights to file a legal claim. These include:

  • Washing the wound using soap and water immediately
  • Visiting an ER or contacting your primary care physician
  • Reporting the dog bite to the animal care/control
  • Record all of the details associated with the dog attack such as the animal location, the size and color of the dog, the dog breed, and the owner of the pet
  • Collect contact details from any witnesses who saw the attack
  • Take colored photos of all injuries from your Arizona dog bite attack
  • Maintain copies of your medical records from your dog bite injury treatments
  • Keep all items worn or damaged during the dog bite attack
  • Contact an experienced Phoenix, Arizona dog bite attorney immediately

How Do I Know if I have a Dog Bite Case?

Arizona Laws Regarding Dog Bites Strict laws in Arizona govern the management of dog bite injury cases. The dog’s owner or the person responsible for the dog is liable if the dog bite:

  • Occurred on public property
  • Was unprovoked
  • Happened on private property but the injured person was there legally

There are situations in which you cannot start legal action against a government agency, if you were bitten by a police or military dog during the following situations:

  • The dog was involved in the execution of a warrant
  • The dog was helping with a possible crime or known crime investigation
  • The dog was defending himself from a provoking or harassing attack
  • The dog was helping the peace officer by defending him or her
  • The canine was involved in the holding or apprehension of a suspect, in which an employee had a reason to think that the individual was involved in criminal activity.

You could be entitled to recover compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages if you or someone you know has sustained a dog bite injury in Arizona. The experienced dog bite injury lawyers at Brad Johnson Injury Law have the necessary resources and knowledge to handle your claim competently and effectively. You deserve to have someone fighting for your rights so that you can focus on recovering from a significant dog bite injury.

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