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For Personal Injury Cases, How Long Will The Process Take?

Vehicle damage claims are normally settled before bodily injury claims. Settlement of bodily injury claims depends on how serious your injuries are and how quickly your body responds to treatment. We cannot make a demand on the insurance company until your condition has been stabilized and all the medical evidence is collected. Cases that require…

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Should My Insurance Company Get Involved If It Was The Other Driver’s Fault?

When dealing with a property damage claim, it is often preferable to file a claim with your insurance company if you have collision coverage, rather than relying on the other driver’s insurance company. The main advantage is speed. Your insurance company will normally pay the claim sooner. Additionally, if you have medical payments coverage on…

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What’s My Case Worth?

We cannot value your case accurately until your medical treatment is complete. This means your condition is stabilized and all of the medical evidence is available for review. Soreness or stiffness in the neck, shoulders or back that sometimes accompanies auto accidents is normally caused by soft tissue injuries. This will heal with proper treatment….

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