Should My Insurance Company Get Involved If It Was The Other Driver’s Fault?

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When dealing with a property damage claim, it is often preferable to file a claim with your insurance company if you have collision coverage, rather than relying on the other driver’s insurance company. The main advantage is speed. Your insurance company will normally pay the claim sooner.

Additionally, if you have medical payments coverage on your policy, your insurance company is legally responsible for paying the medical bills incurred because of your accident. If you do not have this coverage, it is advisable that you add it to your insurance policy.

Many people believe their premium will increase if they file a claim with their insurance company. If the accident was not your fault, your insurance company cannot increase your premium simply because you filed a claim.

We advise everyone to add what is called “uninsured motorist coverage” to his or her policy. This coverage protects you if someone without insurance caused your accident. Even though it is mandatory to have auto insurance in the state of Arizona, many people still do not have coverage. The cost of this additional coverage is small and well worth the extra protection.

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