Arizona Leash Law Overview

Dog Bite Laws Phoenix Arizona

Arizona’s leash law primarily protects pedestrians and people in public places from getting injured by dog bites and scratches. Dog bites can be dangerous and lead to severe injuries requiring hospitalization, especially with small kids.

The laws are also helpful for dog owners as following them can prevent litigation, loss of insurance, or an increase in insurance premiums. They can also avoid the painful decision of putting the dog down.

What is Arizona’s Leash Law?

Arizona law restricts a pet owner from leaving a dog free of the when in public places. The law protects people from a dog bite when walking around in public places like parks and fields.

According to Arizona law, no pet owner shall allow their dogs in a public park or public school property unless the dog is kept on a leash not exceeding six feet or enclosed in a car, cage, or any other safe enclosure.

The law further directs that:

  • No pet owner shall allow a vicious dog or a female dog in heat to run at large, even in any area outside a public place or a school zone.

Here, a ‘female dog in heat’ refers to a dog in her breeding or mating period. ‘To run at large’ refers to when a pet owner allows a dog out without a leash, outside the owner’s control:

  • No dogs shall be allowed at large in a rabies quarantine area; 
  • When the owner allows a pet who is older than three months, off-leash, the dog must have a collar with a license tag.

Dog  laws differ for each state and the cities and counties under them. People living in cities and counties need to fulfill their individual laws in addition to the state laws.

Maricopa County Leash Laws

Maricopa county  laws require pets to be under  or confinement anytime they are outside the private property of the pet owner, except in designated off-leash dog parks.

City of Phoenix Leash Laws

As per the city of Phoenix  laws, a dog is not at large if it is restrained by a rope, chord, or chain of at least six feet in length. A collar is not sufficient for this purpose.


The dog  laws are not applicable where:

  • Dogs are used for hunting or controlling livestock. Dogs in kennel club events and race dogs are also not required to be d, provided they are vaccinated and licensed.
  • The trainer controls the dog participating in training and has a certificate from the American Kennel Club or the American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry.


Arizona is a strict liability state for a dog bite. Pet owners violating laws can be fined, jailed or have their dog put down.

Arizona Leash Laws Prevent Dog Bites

Dog bites can cause serious injuries requiring hospitalization, and unrestrained dogs can be a nuisance in public places. Arizona  laws require pet owners to keep their dogs on  or in enclosures in public areas to protect the public from dog bites.

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