Tips for How to Avoid Distracted Driving

distracted driver

Distracted driving doesn’t just mean playing on your phone or texting while behind the wheel, although this type of behavior is especially common with many drivers these days.

Distracted driving really is more about anything that takes your attention from operating your vehicle in a safe manner: it could be eating, drinking, grooming, looking at your console or lap, or turning around to talk to a passenger in the backseat. It could mean looking at a map or a GPS.

Dangers of Distracted Driving

There’s no end to the possible distractions while driving, which is why lawmakers in every state have some version of distracted driving laws and penalties. Sometimes these infractions may not be the easiest for law enforcement to observe or enforce, but visible actions like texting or talking on your phone can attract attention. Plus, being distracted can also lead to other noticeable unsafe actions like swerving, overcorrecting, or driving off the road.

Penalties for Distracted Driving in Arizona

In Arizona, penalties can start at $75-$149 for the first violation and up to $250 apiece for future violations.

To encourage safety on our roads, whether by educating or fining, there are efforts to help people learn how to avoid distracted driving, including a variety of distracted driving safety tips.

How to Not Be Distracted While Driving

The most optimal of these distracted driving solutions is simply putting your phone away and not pulling it out until you arrive at your destination (or at least a safe spot when the car is fully stopped.) Or having your passenger do the talking for you.

Auto supply shops carry a variety of hands-free devices for your phone, from something that is mounted on the console or broadcasts through your entertainment console. You can put your call on speaker as well and have a conversation.

Another part of figuring out how can you best limit cell phone distractions while driving can include powering down your phone or at least silencing it. This will keep you from being tempted by the sound of incoming calls or texts.

As distracted driving tips go, hands-free is good but isn’t always the most ideal solution: even if you’re not holding the phone, you could still be concentrating on having a conversation which potentially can take attention from the road.

Other methods how can you prevent distracted driving include:

  • Pulling over and parking if you need to eat rather than trying to hold your sandwich and the wheel.
  • Keep any pets in the backseat or don’t bring them along. It’s easy to give them attention in the front seat.
  • Plan out your route to cut down on looking at your surroundings, not the road (or looking at your GPS)
  • Before starting the car, arrange everything to your liking rather than while driving (headset, mirrors, AC, music)
  • Arrange your schedule to take care of any grooming before you leave, or at least when you arrive (make-up, shaving, etc.)

Injured by a Distracted Driver?

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