Brad Johnson Injury Law and a Contingent Fee Basis

The insurance industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually on advertisements portraying themselves as being on our side and like a good neighbor. Since the downturn in the economy, however, claims representatives for insurance companies have become the consumers’ worst nightmare. Claims representatives have been trained to be even more aggressive in their attempts to take advantage of unrepresented accident injury victims.

Shortly after a motor vehicle accident (sometimes even at the accident scene) claims representatives have been offering injury victims a nominal amount of compensation before their injuries have been properly diagnosed and treated by medical providers. Times are tough and insurance companies know that many injury victims are struggling financially. Do not be duped by the insurance industry. Their loyalty is not to the injury victim, but to their shareholders, insureds, and the bottom line. Not addressing your injuries immediately, whether minor or severe, may have a long-lasting negative impact for many years to come. Please do not jeopardize your health and sign away your legal rights. Call Brad Johnson Injury Law today for a free initial consultation at 1-877-96-LEGAL.

We are YOUR Personal Injury Attorneys

At Brad Johnson Injury Law, we work on a contingent fee basis. This means we get paid only if we successfully collect on your claim. We also front the expenses associated with your claim, including, but not limited to, the police report, expert witness testimony, and copies of your medical records and bills. Ultimately, these expenses are deducted from the settlement or award you will receive.

The typical fee charged by most law firms in Arizona for Personal Injury cases is 33.3%. There are some firms that charge 29%. Our fee is only 25%. We receive 25% of the total sum collected from the settlement with the insurance company. Our fee translates into more money for you, the accident injury victim. This could mean a few hundred to several thousand dollars more to you, depending on the severity of the injury. The one situation where our fee could increase to 33.3% is if a claim needs to be litigated, meaning a lawsuit filed. Our fee, however, is still typically less than what other firms charge to litigate a claim.

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