Tips For Avoiding Accidents With Commercial Trucks

The United States Department of Transportation indicates that commercial truck accidents account for 98% of traffic fatalities involving automobile drivers annually. This is primarily because trucks are responsible for over 500,000 accidents a year.

Here are some tips to avoid these types of accidents:

1. Defensive driving techniques – These tips most often include keeping a sharp eye out for bad drivers or those who are not obeying traffic laws. Early detection is the key to avoidance, and observation helps keep you alert for potential problems.
2. Observe your blind spot – Many truck accidents occur when drivers fail to acknowledge their blind spots. Compensating for this by looking twice before changing lanes or adding a secondary parabolic mirror can help you avoid a collision with a commercial vehicle that could cost you your life.
3. Drive responsibly – chatting on the cell phone, texting or driving aggressively is no way to behave on the road. These behaviors have been proven to contribute to trucking accidents. Eliminating distractions can greatly reduce the chances of a life altering, catastrophic collision.
4. Don’t follow too closely – by staying a safe distance away from other cars you can avoid participating in a wreck or pile-up as your reaction time decreases.

Of course, there is no such thing as a fail-safe. Even careful drivers can get involved in a horrendous truck accident.

Protect yourself and your family.

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