Things to Do if You are Bitten by a Dog

Things to Do if You are Bitten by a Dog

Dogs have become a huge part of American culture. As baby boomers age and empty nesters yearn to care for a “little buddy”, more Americans are owning dogs, and even more are abandoning the notion of leaving pets at home. Instead, people are taking dogs to dog-friendly restaurant patios for meals, to dog-friendly stores as they shop, and to public dog parks to interact with others, sometimes even passing ordinary pets off as service animals. Sometimes, well-meaning pet owners misjudge their dog’s demeanor in public or for unknown reasons, dogs attack others. As dogs interact with us more frequently out in public, a little knowledge can go a long way when good dogs go bad, and bite.

Do Your Best to Remain Calm

Panic can feed the dog’s fear and cause it to grow in aggression. The more wildly you behave, waving your arms or running, the more the dog may smell your angst and prepare to treat you more like prey than friend.

Be on Guard

If you find yourself in a situation where a dog is behaving aggressively and the owner is not around, the first thing to do is attempt to distract the dog by giving the animal your shirt, your purse, a package, anything you have that can cause the dog to move toward that object, instead of you.

Reduce the Energy and Slow Things Down

Perhaps you are on a run and the dog is frothed up and starting to look like he may attack you. Slow your run to a walk and take down the energy at the scene. Continue to monitor the dog as you walk away, but do not make eye contact with him. If you can, slow to a stop appearing to be disinterested and look away.

Instruct the Dog to “Get Back!”

Take command of the situation if the dog continues to behave with aggression. Use a confident, strong, even voice to yell “Get Back” or “Back Off”. Do not use a high-pitched, fear-filled voice. Be commanding. The dog may then be shocked into becoming afraid and moving away.

Fight Back

If all tactics have failed to control the situation, punch the dog, hard, in the nose and muzzle. Big movements from your arms and legs to the dog have the best chances of being effective in stunning it and causing it to run away from you. Another place to aim is the vulnerable part of the dog just under its rib cage. This big action can knock the wind out of the animal and give you a chance to get away.

Be the Alpha

The exchange of power here is what works with a pack animal. When you can assertively get the energy from the situation under YOUR control as the alpha, the dog will learn to submit in that moment. This is successful when the confidence to take control is firm and assured.

Arizona Dog Bite Laws

Tragedy strikes when dogs suddenly become aggressive and attack. Sometimes, the target is a child because of their size. Other times, adults are attacked and cannot overcome the size and attack instincts of the dog. Arizona Dog Bite Laws make the dog’s owners first in line for responsibility if their pet bites or attacks another person. There are situations where provocation is considered in the case yet the blame for most dog attacks lie squarely on the individual owner, even if he or she is not present.

If you or a family member has been attacked by a dog in Arizona, time is not on your side. The statute for dog bites includes a one-year limit. Learn your rights and if you have a case for collecting damages from the dog bite situation. Our attorneys are experienced in handling dog bite lawsuits in Arizona. We can help you understand your case and prepare to collect damages for lost wages, medical bills, loss of enjoyment of life, and more. Call today or schedule your appointment online today. We can help you get the most compensation for your claim.

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