The Ryan House: Charity for Children in Need

A catastrophic, permanent injury or condition is a tragedy for a child, AND for the other members of their family. Supporting the many people affected by just one accident is the focus for February.

Our February donation goes to Ryan House, a local Arizona charity that helps children with life-threatening conditions AND their families. Ryan House provides respite, palliative and end-of-life care for those families with a child 16 years or younger, diagnosed with a life-threatening condition and who could benefit from an overnight short-term respite stay. Like the Claytons (not their real names, but their story is true).

Their 3-year-old Annalise and 5-year-old Bryce have a rare form of Leukodystrophy, an incurable neurological disorder. Tammy and John Clayton had to quickly adjust their lives to manage their children’s’ conditions with 24/7 care while still raising their three older children- Spencer, 8, Jacob, 10, and William, 11.
A stay at Ryan House gives the Claytons a chance to share time as a family without having to worry about giving medicine or preparing special foods.

“The Care Team takes over Bryce and Annalise’s care,” Tammy said, “I can spend time snuggling and playing with them as a mom instead of caregiver. Ryan House has also helped our older boys realize they are not alone in having siblings with special needs. John and I have also become very close friends with some of the other parents that we have met.” Annalise loves the playground and the fact that she is able to go up on it in her walker all by herself. Bryce loves to be outside and chase his brothers as they ride the power cars around the playground. They both love the dogs that come to visit, the pool and the sensory room.”

Join us in supporting Ryan House

This month we’re supporting Ryan House’s one-on-one activities for siblings. Activities include hydrotherapy and therapeutic play guided by a Child Life Specialist, even things as simple as tickets to an event or activity. Simply put, we’re helping Ryan House provide much needed support and attention for the siblings; the “forgotten mourners”.

Do you know someone in need?

Families are never charged a fee to utilize the services available. Each child is looked at individually for their unique needs and qualifications. Families may be asked to provide a medical history and a physical by the child’s Primary Care Physician. To learn more about qualifications, contact: 602-200-0767 or

What you can do

You can support Ryan House with your money, your time and even in-kind items (from C batteries to pantry items and paper goods).
Contact: 602-200-0767 or

Do you have a favorite event or organization you want us to support?

Nominate a local Arizona 501(C3) organization or church doing good in Maricopa County. Give us information below by leaving a comment. Include a contact name and phone, along with why you feel we should lend support.

Let’s do more together! With your help, we can!!

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