The Importance of a Designated Driver

Anyone who’s been arrested for an Arizona DUI can tell you that the state doesn’t play when it comes to such offenses.

Arizona is one of the strictest states when it comes to DUI laws. If convicted, you face fines, jail time, you must have an ignition lock device installed on your car, and much more. For that reason, you’ll want to avoid drinking and driving altogether.

An Arizona DUI can cost you lots of money, can cost you your freedom, it can cause you to lose your job and it can tarnish your reputation. That’s not to mention that a conviction could put a felony on your record for life. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, find a designated driver if you’ve been drinking.  Don’t get behind the wheel.

Most drivers, when charged with a DUI, automatically consider their potential loss of freedom, employment and reputation. They don’t consider that they could have injured or even killed someone. Your reaction time is considerably slower whenever you’ve been drinking alcohol.

Even if you’re just buzzed, you can still get into an accident and cause injury to someone. That can change your life forever. You will face fines, prison time, probation and the guilt in knowing that you changed a life forever, or ended it, just because you didn’t get a designated driver.

The above examples should be reason enough to secure a designated driver when you’ve been drinking. The problem is that most people think they’re fine when they’ve been drinking. That kind of thinking is a symptom of impairment.  Don’t be one of these people. Call a designated driver before you start drinking so that you can keep yourself and others safe, and you can avoid getting a DUI in Arizona, where they like to make examples of impaired drivers.

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