What to Know After A Rear End Collision

Phoenix Arizona Rear End Collision

No matter what kind of auto accident you are in, you are almost guaranteed to have a hassle ahead of you. But different types of accidents present their own unique set of challenges.

How to Prevent Rear-End Accidents

 Across the country, rear-end accidents represent up to 30% of all traffic accidents, and they happen no matter what condition the road is in, and in just about every type of weather. As you may expect, they are most common near intersections. Taking extra care can go a long toward preventing these accidents or lessening their severity. Here are a few things drivers can do.

Leave a Proper Gap When Driving

It is important to have plenty of space in front of you as you drive in order to give yourself plenty of reaction time if a car slows down in front of you.

Watch Your Speed

Avoid speeding. Some areas have had increases in speed limits and traveling at higher speeds makes it more difficult to stop to avoid hitting another vehicle. The faster you are driving the longer it will take to stop. By keeping speeds reasonable, perhaps even slightly under the speed limit, you can prevent an accident or greatly reduce the potential impact.

Have a Buffer Zone at Stops

With stop-and-go traffic, it is easy to want to move forward as much as possible at each opportunity. However, it is best to leave a buffer zone at stop signs and stoplights between yourself and the driver in front of you. It will give you extra time when traffic is moving again.

Avoid Distractions and Be Ready for a Green Light

Also, if you are one of the front cars coming to a stop, be sure to stay attentive at the stop sign or light and be ready to move forward again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Reacting to an Accident

Sometimes you can be as careful as humanly possible, and you still manage to get rear-ended, or perhaps you run into someone else. It is easy to get emotional, but it is important to keep your cool and stay neutral as you are reacting to the accident. Show concern for others involved, especially is anyone seems to be injured, and properly attend to your own injuries.

With rear-end accidents especially, injuries are not always apparent. Be careful not to declare yourself “fine” right off the bat, even if that is how you feel. It is very common for symptoms like neck or back pain to surface several hours or even days after an accident. Whether your vehicle was the front vehicle or the back vehicle, you can still be assessed as being partially responsible for the accident. In every accident, there are many factors that come into play, so it is important not to admit to any specific wrongdoing until the incident has been fully investigated. Many people go to the emergency room to assess injuries but getting checked by a chiropractor as well can be beneficial as well as it will tie related injuries to the actual incident.

Role of an Attorney after a Car Accident

So, people react to a car accident by simply exchanging information and best wishes to anyone who is involved. They may call their insurance agent who will offer to process the claim quickly and allow you to get back to your life. This can be a mistake. Injuries may be under-reported and the right to make a larger claim may even be voided. Insurance agents may seem nice and helpful, but they work for the insurance companies and the smaller your settlement is, the better things look for them. An experienced car accident lawyer like Brad Johnson knows how to get you the full amount you are entitled to and quickly, despite the insistence of the insurance companies to attempt to shortcut you on your compensation. 

When You Win, We Win

At Brad Johnson Injury Law, our success is tied to your success. We don’t get paid unless you win your case. We will go the extra mile and look at the details of the police report in order to help assure that the fault is properly assigned. We can also make sure that compensation doesn’t end with paying your immediate medical bills or fixing your car, but we’ll make sure factors such as ongoing pain and suffering, lost wages, and care expenses for your family are all considered fairly. All too many people involved in a rear-end collision think they are fine, only to deal with chronic pain for the rest of their lives.

At Brad Johnson Injury Law, our reach extends beyond Phoenix to help those who have been involved in car accidents and other personal injuries across Arizona., whether it’s Mesa or Scottsdale or one of several other cities in the state. We highly recommend that you come see us as soon as possible after an accident. By doing this, you help to build a strong case and get you the care and compensation you need. Get a free case evaluation and get the justice you deserve after your car accident.


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