Personal Injury Litigation in Arizona

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At Brad Johnson Injury Law, we have significant experience with personal injury litigation- our track record with previous clients displays our level of comfort with negotiating settlements or fighting in court.

If you need to file a personal injury claim against a person responsible for injuries you sustained in an accident, it is important to understand the process of litigation. There are many different stages involved in litigating a case in Arizona and you may be eligible to accept a settlement offer at any point during these stages. A settlement offer is typically presented by the insurance company or the attorneys representing the negligent parties in the lawsuit.

A settlement offer should always be carefully reviewed by a Phoenix, Arizona injury attorney. A lawyer specialized in personal injury can tell you more about when it makes sense to accept a settlement offer versus preparing comprehensively for trial. In some situations, personal injury claims cannot be resolved without resorting to litigation. The litigation process can be time consuming and complex. It may also be confusing if you do not have the help of a Phoenix, Arizona attorney. There are several different phases in most personal injury claims in Arizona, including the filing of the complaint, discovery, and trial.

Preparing for Litigation: The Complaint

A complaint is your legal document that officially names allegations against the defendant. The complaint must contain statements of facts, such as liability, the legal basis for liability, and a request for damages.

Filing a complaint

Filing a complaint is your official initiation into litigation process. This could be a powerful negotiation tool, when you are working with an insurance company or other adverse parties. While the formal legal proceedings associated with litigation do not begin until later, adverse parties are often interested in pursuing alternative dispute resolution early on, such as settling the matter before investing a lot of time and money into defending an action.

What Happens After the Complaint is Filed?

After a complaint is filed, the plaintiff must serve a copy of the summons on all defendants in the case. This can be done by a process server or another authorized party and it cannot be completed by the plaintiff. After all defendants in your personal injury claim in Arizona have been served, the defendants will typically have a maximum of 20 days to file an answer to the complaint. The answer is the legal document in response to the allegations listed in your complaint.

Any allegations that the defendants fail to respond to are considered admitted for litigation purposes. Defendants are permitted and in some situations required to make a counter claim against the plaintiff, if they believe they have a legal claim against you. If you or someone you know has recently been injured in a serious accident, you have rights that can only be protected by hiring an injury lawyer you can trust.

Why You Need the Trusted Team at Brad Johnson Injury Law

Personal injury litigation can be complicated and confusing for the average person, but retaining an injury lawyer who has successfully handled cases like this before will give you a better understanding of what to expect and more informed choices when it comes time to elect whether or not it makes sense to accept a settlement or pursue a trial. Consulting with Brad Johnson Injury Law, a dedicated personal injury lawyer in Arizona can give you peace of mind that you have the ability to focus on recovering from your serious injuries while knowing your lawyer is working as hard as possible to recover the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Filing a claim in a timely fashion must be done or you’ll block your chance to recover compensation. As soon as you discover a life-changing injury, talk to Brad Johnson Injury Law about your ability to file a claim. In an initial consultation, you’ll learn more about what’s involved in the legal process and what you can expect when you hire our firm.

Talking to a lawyer in a first consultation does not obligate you to work with us or even file a legal claim, but it’s often what you need to get your questions answered promptly. You can rely on our background in the field of helping many Arizona accident victims determine the best course of action and develop a long-term plan for your interests. You should know that someone has your best interests in mind when there’s a legal claim for compensation at stake.

No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

Brad Johnson Injury Law has experience in representing people who are suffering from a personal accident injury. Our lower personal accident injury lawyers fee is only 25% compared to the typical 33.3% Our goal is to get you the settlement you deserve. Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your personal accident injury-related questions. We know that you have enough to worry about in the wake of a personal injury accident like a slip and fall or a vehicle crash. Don’t let concerns over paying a lawyer stop you from getting the legal help that you need immediately.

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