Golf Cart Driving Guidelines in Litchfield Park

Litchfield Park city officials have recently issued a warning, emphasizing the importance of following regulations to avoid danger and citations. Stay tuned to Brad Johnson Injury Law for future updates and valuable information to ensure your safety as you navigate the streets of Litchfield Park in your golf cart. Together, let’s promote responsible and secure golf cart driving in our community.

Litchfield Park, a golf cart-friendly community in the Phoenix area, is reminding residents to follow safety rules when driving golf carts on public roads. City Manager Matthew Williams emphasized that drivers must be of legal driving age, possess a driver’s license, and ensure their golf carts are registered and insured. Additionally, the speed limit for golf carts is set at 25 mph. Williams highlighted the importance of remaining seated in the golf cart and avoiding risky behavior such as hanging off the side or taking selfies. While golf carts are permitted on pathways, they are not allowed on sidewalks. Certain roads, including Dysart Road, Camelback Road, Litchfield Road, and Indian School Road, are off-limits to golf carts, while residential streets like Old Litchfield Road permit their use. The city has experienced few incidents involving golf carts in recent years, with warnings given during the few traffic stops conducted. The upcoming Litchfield Square development will not include pathways for golf carts. Litchfield Park aims to maintain its golf cart community while prioritizing safety and preventing accidents.

Are you a resident of Litchfield Park or the surrounding Phoenix area? Do you enjoy the convenience and fun of driving a golf cart on the roads? As a law firm specializing in personal injury cases, Brad Johnson Injury Law urges you to prioritize safety when operating a golf cart. Remember to follow the rules set by Litchfield Park city officials: obtain a driver’s license, register and insure your golf cart, and adhere to the speed limit of 25 mph. Stay seated at all times and avoid risky behavior that could lead to accidents. Let’s work together to preserve the golf cart community while keeping everyone safe. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your fellow residents. Stay informed, follow the guidelines, and promote responsible golf cart driving in Litchfield Park. Your safety matters!

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