Don’t Drink and Drive: Consider Alternative Transportation Methods

Don’t Drink and Drive

In the event that you are intoxicated and not able to come up with a designated driver, here’s a list of resources that you can take advantage of in the Valley.

Designated Drivers 24/7

This service began last year in attempt to provide a great alternative to a taxi. For $50/month designated drivers 24/7 will pick up the passenger and drive him home in their very own car. After the passenger and their car are dropped off safely, the Designated Driver gets in the follow car and off they go.

The Drunk Drivers

The Drunk Drivers is essentially the same concept, but they have a whole fleet of 18 vehicles ready for action. They are a full service 24/7 operation and are proud to take care of the whole valley. Right now the service is only $30 a month, so take advantage of it while it lasts!

Zingo Arizona

The third and final of the alternative transports is Zingo Arizona. This company began in 2007 with the help of Hensley Budweiser. Zingo is also of the same concept as the previous two, but they arrive in a foldable scooter! Once they arrive, the scooter folds up and is placed in the trunk. This service is $25 for a pickup, as well as $3 for ever mile thereafter.

I hope this selection of taxi alternatives helps. Remember, if you have any DUI disputes contact, Peterson and Johnson.

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