Car Accidents and Soft Tissue Injuries

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When you’re involved in a car accident, there are many injuries that can occur. One type of injury that is very common as a result of a car accident is a soft tissue injury.

What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

Soft tissue injury refers to an injury to those parts of your body that don’t involve bones. These are generally bruises, strains, sprains, and ligament or tendon damage.

This type of injury occurs when people are thrown about the car’s interior after vehicles collide.

The problem with soft tissue injuries is that they often go undetected long after the accident occurs. This is because they cannot be detected by x-rays and a person’s adrenaline is usually kicked into high gear so the person may not feel as though there’s anything wrong. In fact, it can sometimes take days for a person to realize they’re hurt. That’s why if you’re ever involved in a car accident, you should get thoroughly checked out by a doctor. Never just assume you’re OK.

There’s another side to soft tissue injury as well. Soft tissue injuries could involve internal bleeding, which can be very serious. So even if you have no bruising, soreness, or any physical symptoms at all, get to a doctor as soon as possible to make sure any injuries are diagnosed.

Soft Tissue Injury Symptoms

There can be some symptoms that will let you know you have soft tissue damage. These include:

  • body aches
  • back and neck pain
  • dizziness
  • memory loss
  • fatigue

If these symptoms are left untreated, they can lead to chronic pain or other problems that can remain with you for the rest of your life. That’s why you should go straight to the hospital or medical provider after any car accident to ensure your injuries are diagnosed and treated.

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