Brain Injuries from Car Accidents

Brain Imaging

Brain injuries are possibly one of the scariest and most common types of car accident injuries that a person can receive from a car accident. The lasting effects of brain damage can affect all aspects of your life, and in some cases will change your life forever. It is essential that you do everything in your power to receive the financial compensation required to maintain your quality of life after a brain injury has been sustained.

There are many ways brain injuries can occur, from the head hitting a piece of the car like the windshield or steering wheel caused by a head-on collision, to a foreign object entering the car and causing damage. Whatever the case may be, there are steps you can take to ensure that you are cared for and able to recover to the best of your ability.

Determining Liability

As with every accident, there will be a party responsible for the accident, and when there are serious injuries, it is extremely important that liability is determined properly. Medical expenses for brain trauma can be steep, and some cases people cannot return to their normal lives after the accident. There are some steps you should take to ensure the most financial compensation for your injuries.

First, if you even remotely think you have a brain injury following an accident, be sure to stay as calm and still as possible until you are able to receive medical care. It is critical to remember that your well-being is the most important thing to consider in these cases. Most times, there will be a police report that will serve as the basis for establishing liability in an accident, and this can be attained after the accident has occurred. For people with brain injuries, it may be best to have a loved one contact the insurance company and deal with the legality of the incident while the injured party heals. Insurance companies will typically not offer enough to even cover medical expenses, which is why it is so essential that you have an attorney assist you in these cases.

The Vehicle

In some cases, the vehicle itself may have played a role in the passenger sustaining brain injuries in an accident. Cars with factory defects or poor design may be the reason that you sustained injuries, and therefore the manufacturer is liable for some of the damages, if not all. This concept is called crashworthiness, and essentially is the ability of a car to protect the occupants from damages. Automobile manufacturers are required to take certain precautions for different types of accidents, and even if the crash was out of the ordinary there is a chance they did not ensure proper measures were taken. If you think the car may have played a role in you sustaining brain damages, be sure to contact an injury attorney to investigate this part of the case.

Types of Brain Injuries

There are 5 common types of brain injuries that can be sustained from car accidents:

  • Concussions: Easily the most common of the injuries, concussions may not seem like a big deal, but they can have long-lasting consequences. Concussions are caused by impact or violent shaking that will strain the nerves and blood vessels of the brain.
  • Contusions: Contusions are bruises, and in these cases occur on the brain from impact. Large ones may need to be removed via surgery.
  • Diffuse Axonal: Violent shaking that causes the brain structure to tear.
  • Coup-Countercoup: These are caused by a severe impact that causes the brain to actually shift from one side of the skull to the other and results in large contusions on the sides.
  • Penetration: Occasionally, items will become dislodged in an accident and will penetrate the skull. Most of the time, this will be fatal. However, there are some cases where individuals have lived, but are often never the same as before the accident.

If you or someone you love has sustained brain injuries from an accident, contacting an experienced injury attorney will make all the difference in getting the money you need. These types of accidents are often the worst, and not uncommon. In recent years, attention has been cast on the severity of concussions, which is one of the most minor types of brain injuries that can occur from accidents. So, no matter what the level, these are all serious injuries that require proper care and caution. Do not hesitate to contact Brad Johnson Injury Law for your legal needs.

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