Are You the Type of Person Who Sues?

This is a line I hear from many of our clients in the beginning stages of a claim. When you are injured in an accident, which was not your fault, you are entitled to make a claim (aka sue) against the third-party insurance company. The “third party insurance company” is the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. Most Brad Johnson Injury Law cases settle outside of the courtroom, directly with the third party insurance carrier. Never feel guilty for seeking the benefits to which you are entitled. Insurance benefits, whether auto or health, are called “benefits” for a reason. They are to protect you and provide assistance when an accident or injury occurs.

Our staff is here to serve you and will make the claim process extremely simple. At Brad Johnson Injury Law we are on a first-name basis; ‘Mr. Johnson’ here, just ‘Brad’. We like to make our clients feel at ease and know they can call us with any questions or concerns they may have without hesitation. We are people just like you and are here to help you through this process. Once you hire Brad Johnson Injury Law your only “job” is to be treated by your doctors until you are healed and let us handle the rest!

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