7 Most Dangerous Roads In Arizona Roads In Arizona

7 Most Dangerous Roads In Arizona Roads In Arizona

There is a potential for an accident regardless of where you drive, but there are places in Arizona where it is necessary to be a little more careful in order to stay safe.  Here are seven of the most dangerous roads in the state.

U.S. Highway 93; Phoenix to Las Vegas,

This stretch of road is listed by Arizona News as not only a dangerous road in Arizona but the most dangerous in the country. Between 2010-2016, 90 people were killed in 70 crashes on this stretch. Medical response times are typically slower in this area, making it even more vital to be extra careful on this road.

Beeline Highway (State Highway 87)

Arizona State Route 87 from Eloy to Payson is referred to as Beeline Highway. Many people travel the road for great hiking in Payson, but there a lot of zigs and zags and twists and turns along the way.

Salt River Canyon

Salt River Canyon is near Globe, AZ and along U.S. 60. It is very scenic, but if you really want to enjoy the view, let someone else drive, or actually pull over to look around. the road itself is winding, and there are no walls to help protect you from heading into oncoming traffic. It’s a true test of focus.

Interstate 10

I-10 is the road most traveled by those heading to the beaches in California. It goes all the way across the state, from Tucson to Phoenix.

Interstate 17

If you want to go from Phoenix to Flagstaff, chances are you’ll spend some time on I-17. The problem with this road is the elevation. It actually gets icy, and by the end of the journey, the densely populated, which can make for a lot of accidents waiting to happen

Interstate 19

At less than 65 miles, connecting Nogales and Tucson, I-19 isn’t especially long, but it is known for being deadly. The stretch was ranked in the top 40 of America’s 100 Deadliest Highways. Between 2004-2008 57 people were killed on the highway, nearly one per mile.

State Route 64

State Route 64 is another highway that has a high accident rate, largely because traffic moves very fast. The average speed is over 80 mph, and it is not unusual for speeds over 110 mph to be reported. Many of those travelers are headed to the Grand Canyon, with many drivers not used to the road. 

Driving Safe on Dangerous Roads

While avoiding dangerous roads is the absolute safest bet, it really isn’t a practical option for most people. Your defensive driving skills will need to be on high alert in order to stay safe on these roads. The first thing to do is to make sure you are not unnecessarily impaired as a driver. That means avoiding any driving in a compromised state, including when you are fatigued, are under the influence of alcohol or other substances, are using your cell phone (including hands-free). Arizona recently passed a law restricting the use of handheld devices while driving, but there is still some level of distraction, even using hands-free models. It is best to keep your phone out of temptations reach during some of these dangerous roads. You need to be at the top of your driving game on these roads, and you need to keep a close eye out for anyone else who might not be as careful as they could be.

If You Are In An Accident

Staying calm and making sure everyone is okay is probably the best tip to follow in the immediate aftermath of an accident. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and get witness accounts of what happened. File a police report, and talk to your insurance company and an attorney about your injuries and any potential financial losses you might face because of them.  The cost of an accident goes beyond fixing a damaged vehicle and paying for immediate medical care. There are often long-term problems that reduce potential earnings in the future or that result in additional daily expenses, like help with housework or childcare.

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