4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Claim

At Brad Johnson Injury Law, at minimum, there are four goals that we try to meet in every accident and injury claim—whether it’s a strain sprain case to the neck or back or there are multiple fractures that require surgery.

First and foremost we want to make certain that our client has reached maximum medical improvement and their physical condition has improved before a claim is formally resolved and a release is signed.

An accident injury victim is only entitled to one settlement and once the settlement is reached, they cannot go back for more treatment and try to reopen the case at a later date.

Our philosophy is to be safe rather than sorry later on. Our second goal is to make sure that our client’s debts are all paid and they leave the process without owing any money. There’s absolutely no reason why any accident injury victim should be left in a worse financial position than what they were prior to the incident particularly since the accident was not their fault.

Our third goal is to try to maximize the settlement of the claim and put as much money in our clients pocket as possible.

Now having said that we do not know what the value of the claim is at the beginning of the case. There are several factors that we take into consideration when evaluating a claim and many of those factors we’re not aware of until our client has completed their treatment and we have all the medical evidence in front of us. Those factors include the nature and extent our client’s injuries, the medical bills that they’ve incurred, how long they’ve treated for their injuries, how consistent they are with their treatment, the amount of damage to the vehicles and also we take into consideration whether there is any permanent injury.

Our final goal is to alleviate any stress of having to deal with the insurance company. We always advise our clients that if an insurance company does call after we start representing them we do not want our client to talk to the insurance company at all regarding how the accident happened or about their injuries.
If the insurance company asked to take a look at our client’s vehicle we have absolutely no problem with that but having said that we also would recommend that our client take their vehicle in for an independent estimate.

Watch our video to learn the four goals we have to ensure you get the most out of your claim. If you are injured or have questions, please call us for a free consultation.

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