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According to the World Health Organization, falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths across the globe. This includes falls from a height, as well as slip and fall accidents. Adults over the age of 60 have the greatest number of fatal falls. Of all the falls that happen around the world, 37.3 million are severe enough to require medical attention. Slip and fall injuries can occur anywhere—in your home, on another’s property (both private or public), or in the workplace.

While most slip and fall injuries are non-fatal, they can result in severe injuries that can take long to heal. These serious injuries can also result in the victim’s inability to return to work and make a living. As a slip and fall injury victim, you may be seeing your medical bills mounting alarmingly, and you may be unable to meet your monthly financial obligations because you cannot work. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious about the future when you find yourself in this situation.

Do you or someone you know now have serious injuries to cope with after an accident? If so, you need an experienced slip and fall attorney from Brad Johnson Injury Law to help you get the medical attention you need and file a compensation claim. At Brad Johnson Injury Law, we can help you with both these issues related to your slip and fall accident.

Brad Johnson Injury Law

We can serve as your representative with any involved insurance companies, help you find specialists for your injury treatment, hire expert witnesses to detail how your injuries will affect your life, and fight for compensation in settlement or court. Any delay in filing your slip and fall injury claim can jeopardize your right to recover from your losses.

Slip and fall injuries happen much more often than you might think. Despite the negative connotations often connected to slip and fall claims, many of the injuries associated with such accidents are quite severe and can impact your life for years. Thousands of individuals are severely hurt or killed in slip and fall accidents every year. If you have suffered a slip and fall accident, consult with Attorney Brad Johnson to ensure your rights and your future are properly protected.

Learn more about some of the more common statistics associated with slip and fall accidents and the different scenarios in which a slip and fall injury can occur. Identifying the negligent parties when you have been hurt in an accident is extremely important. Hiring knowledgeable Phoenix slip and fall Attorney Brad Johnson can help you.

Why Should I Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney?

At Brad Johnson Injury Law, we understand that you have many choices of injury attorneys following your accident. Once you speak to Brad and his legal team, we believe you will know your search is over. We work hard for our clients, believing strongly that you are much more than your case. We will fight for you every step to ensure you are protected and that you understand the process. If you have any questions, we will thoroughly answer them. At Brad Johnson Injury Law, you can expect:

  • Staff that speak both English and Spanish
  • Availability to our clients 24/7
  • A law firm with more than 30 years of personal injury experience
  • A compassionate, skilled local law firm rather than a large, impersonal regional/national law firm
  • A more reasonable 25 percent fee vs. the typical 33.3 percent
  • Comprehensive free consultations
  • We don’t get paid unless we win
  • A law firm with more than 100 positive Google Reviews
  • A highly individualized approach to every case

What is the Legal Status for Premises Liability Claims in Arizona?

There are three primary types of legal status for Arizona slip and fall injuries. These include:

  • Licensee: If you have been invited onto another’s property for a non-business purpose, you are a licensee. An example would be if you were invited to a friend’s home for a Christmas party. As a licensee, you are entitled to protection from dangerous or hazardous conditions—or if such conditions exist, there must be clear warning signs.
  • Invitee: You are there through implied consent if you are on public property for business purposes or in a retail establishment. Invitees are afforded a high level of protection from dangerous conditions. As with licensees, warning signs must be clearly posted if there is a hazardous condition on the property.
  • Trespasser: If you are on private property without permission, you are not owed any degree of protection from dangerous conditions. There are, however, certain exceptions to this rule. Children are one exception—if the property has what is known as an “attractive nuisance” (like a swimming pool) that children would want to play in, the property owner must take care to have the pool properly fenced. Likewise, there should be no dangerous items like an old refrigerator on the property as a child could get locked inside and suffocate. Property owners are also not allowed to purposely set up “traps” on their property that could injure adults or children.

Where Do Most Slip and Fall Accidents Occur in Phoenix?

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, at any time. That being said, there are certain areas where slip and fall accidents are more common. These include:

  • Grocery stores
  • Other retail outlets
  • In the workplace
  • At sporting events
  • Around a swimming pool
  • In public restrooms
  • In stairwells, elevators, and escalators
  • In restaurants and bars
  • In parking lots
  • On sidewalks
  • At musical events
  • At amusement parks
  • At any place of business
  • In another person’s home

What Are the Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents?

There are many different causes of slip and fall accidents. The most common cause is something slippery on the floor that a person is unaware of. This could be a spill, a freshly mopped floor, or, in bad weather, people tracking in snow and ice onto the floor. If the property owner is aware of the slippery floor—or should reasonably have been aware—then they are responsible for a resulting slip and fall. Signs warning of the slippery floor should be placed until the owner has had a chance to get the spill cleaned up. Other common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Poor lighting, particularly in stairwells, parking lots, and corridors
  • Damages stair treads
  • A lack of handrails
  • Torn or frayed carpeting
  • Uneven floor surfaces
  • Cracked or broken sidewalks
  • Cords and wires stretched across walkways
  • Potholes in parking lots
  • Loose floorboards
  • Rugs or mats that can slip
  • Items stacked extremely high
  • Trash or debris in walkways

Construction workers, kitchen workers and servers, factory workers, and housekeepers are the professions that are most likely to experience slip and fall accidents at work. No matter the cause of your slip and fall accident, it can benefit you greatly to speak to the knowledgeable legal team at Brad Johnson Injury Law.

What Are the Most Common Injuries for Victims of Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall injuries are a serious problem, and some of the most common injuries associated with these accidents include:

  • Head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and back injuries, including spinal cord damage
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Sprains and strains
  • Internal organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Bruising

What You Need to Know About Negligence in Slip and Fall Injury Claims

Whether or not you had permission—either expressly or implied—to be on the property at the time of the injury has a significant impact in defining whether negligence exists in your slip and fall claim. If you were at your place of work and fell due to the presence of a hazardous or dangerous condition, then you will probably pursue a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury claim.

If you were injured on someone else’s property and you were not there as an employee, your Phoenix slip and fall injury attorney must answer the first question: whether or not you were entitled to be on the property and the legal status attached to your injuries. Getting medical attention as soon as possible after being hurt in a slip and fall accident is vitally important.

Gathering relevant evidence like contact information for witnesses and pictures of the accident scene could be equally important in the development of your claim. Consulting with a knowledgeable slip and fall injury attorney at Brad Johnson Injury Law is a crucial component of protecting your legal rights and moving forward with the necessary help to file an injury claim.

What Should You Do Immediately Following a Slip and Fall Accident?

Your priority following your slip and fall accident is to get medical help. Even if you believe you are not hurt that badly, you should still see a doctor. In many cases, your slip and fall symptoms may not manifest for hours, even days. In other cases, the adrenaline rush you experienced during your slip and fall can mask injury symptoms. You never want an insurance company claiming you must be fine because you did not immediately see a doctor; therefore, it’s always better to be checked out following a slip and fall accident. If you are medically able following your slip and fall accident, do the following:

  • Call 911 for police and ambulance
  • If there were any witnesses to your slip and fall accident, get their contact information
  • Take photographs of the hazard that caused your fall before it can be cleaned up or fixed
  • Once you are home, write down every single detail you can remember about your slip and fall accident. Memories fade quickly, and the more details you can give your slip and fall attorney, the better for your claim.
  • Contact experienced slip and fall Attorney Brad Johnson.

How Brad Johnson Injury Law Can Help You

If you have experienced a slip and fall accident with injuries, you need highly-skilled Phoenix slip and fall attorney Brad Johnson. We believe in our clients and will work extremely hard to ensure they receive the care they need following their injury and the financial compensation they need and deserve. Other personal injury attorneys generally charge 33.3 percent of the settlement. We charge 25 percent, allowing you to have more money in your pocket to pay the expenses associated with your slip and fall. Attorney Brad Johnson has represented accident victims in Arizona for more than 30 years. He is just as conscientious today regarding helping his clients as he was when he began practicing law. Contact Brad Johnson Injury Law today.

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